willcarson ask:road bike vs gravel bike

My friend willcarson asked me the difference between road bike and gravel bike and which type should I choose.

Today let’s make a comparison.


The road bike is the fastest bike on the road. Typically, the handle is drop, which tilts forward, and the tire size is 700 x 25c. The feature is the overall tendency to be light.

The gravel bike has a moderate forward position (slightly upright) and a straight handle that is easy to grasp.

With a tire size of 700x35c or larger, it is possible to achieve stable driving even at high speeds.

They are not as fast and light as road bikes, but thicker tires than road bikes add cushioning and give you a better ride.


The body of the road bike is lighter than other types, not only faster, and climb longer distance.

Gravel bike usually makes the same number of changes as a road bike. Even if you have the chance to ride more than 50 kilometers, that’s enough.


Road bikes start at about $600. High-end road bikes used by professional road racers typically cost more than $10,000.

Gravel bikes have a slightly cheaper price range of $500 or more than road bikes, and the price range tends to be wide.

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which one

Who wants to ride freely without having to decide the route in advance. Gravel is recommended for use on roads other than pavements if you ride here and there.

It can be used to pave the road or not. Since there are many steps in the city, a proper cross-country puncture is appropriate.

Gravel bikes are better than road bikes. They are the best for people with commuting needs.

The latter has a speed advantage because you will have to use your smartphone to search the road, stop at traffic lights and consider pedestrians and other cyclists.

I have a favorite route and want to pedal on paved roads

This is an ideal way to run on a road bike. Road bike unique ride fun, only focus on cycling.

Since there is a big park nearby, I plan to pedal on the bike path for more than an hour.

Road bikes were originally designed for racing, so they are ideal for RACES and events that compete for class and time. If you want to participate, take a road bike.

Cyclocross vs gravel

Cyclocross is a cycling event in which laps are completed in a specified time on a cross-country road with short obstacles.

Unlike road RACES on paved roads, off road = unpaved bad roads. The roads consist of obstacles called bends, steep slopes and sandy beaches.

Thus the Cyclocross bicycle was born by changing the road bike into a shape suitable for rough road. It looks like a road bike.

Gravel bike is a loose version of Cyclocross and is not used for racing. Gravel bike has more comfort.

That’s all.


Have you read this article and noticed the difference between a road bike and gravel bike?

We hope you will find it useful for those who want to buy a road bike or cross bike. It’s good to have a bike life.

A versatile bike, not only for off-road use, but also for commuting, school and travel.

Anyway, my friend willcarson both these bikes at end.


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